Laura was a final year student at the RVC from 2010-2011.

She helped with filming of the personal video diaries.

  • 01. Introduction to Laura

    Tags: feelings before rotations

    Laura introduces herself and talks about how she felt before she began rotations

  • 02. Enjoyment of rotations

    Tags: Enjoyment

    Laura talks about what she enjoyed on rotations.

  • 03. Who do you work with on clinical rotations?

    Tags: working with staff

    Laura talks about what she expected to gain from rotations and who you work with on rotations, including nurses, interns, residents and clinicians.

  • 04. Support within your group

    Tags: Student support

    Laura talks about the importance of supporting each other in your group when you are on rotations.

  • 05. Top tips for clinical rotations: Laura

    Tags: top tips

    Laura describes a few personal tips she thinks are important for surviving rotations

  • 06. Dress code: What to wear on clinical rotations

    Tags: dress code

    Laura talks about what to wear when you are on the different clinical rotations and what equipment you should have with you.

  • 07. What happens on clinical rotations?

    Tags: rounds, wards, participation

    Laura describes what exactly happens on clinical rotations: grand rounds, consultations, physical examination.

  • 08. Working at the weekends

    Tags: working weekends

    Laura talks about working weekends

  • 09. How to prepare for clinical rotations

    Tags: preparation

    Laura talks about preparing for clinical rotations, by reading up on cases.

  • 10. Paperwork and Subjective Objective Assessment Plan (SOAP)

    Tags: Paperwork, SOAP

    Laura talks about filling out paperwork-SOAPS on Equine