• 1. Introduction and role on anaesthesia

    Tags: Role, anaesthesia

    Chris introduces himself and his role on anaesthesia

  • 2. Expectations of the students on anaesthesia

    Tags: expectations, anaesthesia

    Chris describes what he expects from the students while they are on anaesthesia

  • 4. Working with staff on anaesthesia

    Tags: anaesthesia, working with staff

    Chris describes who the students will be working with on anaesthesia

  • 5. Teamwork on Anaesthesia

    Tags: teamwork, anaesthesia

    Chris describes why it is so important to work as a team on anaesthesia

  • 6. What do the students gain from being on anaesthesia

    Tags: skills, anaesthesia

    Chris encourages students to let staff members know what they would like to do on anaesthesia

  • 7. Assessment in anaesthesia

    Tags: assessment, anaesthesia

    Chris describes how the staff assess students on anaesthesia