• 1. Introduction and role on orthopaedics

    Tags: Role, orthopaedics

    Matthew introduces himself and his role on orthopaedics

  • 2. Expectations of the students on orthopaedics

    Tags: expectations, orthopaedics

    Matthew describes what he expects from the students while they are on orthopaedics, participation and enthusiasm

  • 3. Professional conduct on orthopaedics

    Tags: professional, orthopaedics

    Matthew expects the students to be organised, managed and professionally behaved while on orthopaedics

  • 4. Dress code on orthopaedics

    Tags: punctuality, dress code, orthopaedics

    Matthew describes the standard dress code for the students on orthopaedics and being punctual for all rotations

  • 6. Working with staff on orthopaedics

    Tags: orthopaedics, working with staff

    Matthew describes that the students will work with the entire team on orthopaedics

  • 7. Teamwork on orthopaedics

    Tags: teamwork, orthopaedics

    Matthew describes teamwork on orthopaedics

  • 8. Assessment on orthopaedics

    Tags: orthopaedics, assessment

    Matthew describes the threee different criteria used to assess students on orthopaedics

  • 9. Communication skills and professionalism on Orthopaedics

    Tags: communication, orthopaedics, professional

    Matthew describes the importance of communication and participating in the rotation