• 1. Introduction and role on farm animal

    Tags: Role, farm animal

    Paul introduces himself and his role on the farm animal rotation

  • 2. Expectations of students on farm animal

    Tags: expectations, farm animal

    Paul describes that students should be enthusiastic and keen to partipate on farm

  • 3. Dress code for farm animal

    Tags: biosecurity, dress code, farm animal

    Paul describes the importance of biosecurity and what the students should wear on the farm rotation

  • 5. Working with staff on farm animal

    Tags: farm animal, working with staff

    Paul mentions that the students will be working with a number of different practitioners as they will be on three different sites. Same as 4.

  • 6. Teamwork on farm animal

    Tags: teamwork, farm animal

    Paul mentions the importance of working as a team

  • 7. Assessment on farm animal

    Tags: feedback, farm animal, assessment

    Paul mentions feedback and asking everyone who works with the students their opinion before finalising a grade.