• 1. Introduction from final year students and process of a consultation in equine referral hospital

    Tags: equine referral hospital

    Introduction from two final year students discussing the process of undertaking a consultation on equine medicine

  • 2. Equine consultation in referral hospital: History taking

    Tags: history taking, consultation

    The first clip summarises the consultation with Alexis and Linda undertaking a history with a client. The second clip is the full clip which lasts 11 minutes.

  • 3. Equine consultation in referral hospital: Physical examination Part I

    Tags: physical examination, consultation, equine referral hospital

    Potential Head shaking case: The physical examination undertaken by both students is divided into four clips. The clip shows Alexis checking mucous membranes, nostrils, eyes and jugular refill The other three clips are in the next three posts.

  • 6. Equine consultation in referral hospital: Physical examination Part IV

    Tags: equine referral hospital, consultation, physical examination

    Alexis explains that as the patient is in for head shaking she is checking facial sensation, their ears, tongue and then needs to report this back to the clinician.

  • 7. Dress code for equine referral hospital

    Tags: dress code, equine referral hospital

    Alexis and Linda describe what you should wear when in equine referral hospital, whether that is in the summer or winter.