Contents tagged with wards

  • 04. Wards in the Queen Mother Hospital

    Tags: kennel set up, wards, Queen Mother Hospital

    Tom explains about the different wards in the hospital, surgery, oncology, soft tissue, medicine and neurology. He shows how to set up a kennel in one of the wards.

  • 07. What happens on clinical rotations?

    Tags: rounds, wards, participation

    Laura describes what exactly happens on clinical rotations: grand rounds, consultations, physical examination.

  • 6. Small animal consultation in the Queen Mother Hospital: Part VI Marieke taking patient to wards

    Tags: wards, consultation, Queen Mother Hospital, kennel set up

    This clip shows Marieke taking the patient into wards for further tests and putting the patient into a kennel and filling out a form for kennels. When the students enter wards, who should they go and try to find first? For further information on setting up a kennel with a patient, click on the tag, 'kennel set up.'