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  • 13. Equine imaging at an equine referral hospital

    Tags: equine referral hospital, scintigraphy, radiology, MRI, CT scan, Equine diagnostic imaging

    Vicki and Lauren show us diagnostic imaging in the equine referral hospital. The first video shows the forms that need to be filled out when a patient arrives in for a radiograph. The second video shows the four rooms in diagnostic imaging in the equine referral hospital: Radiology, CT,Scintigraphy and MRI.

  • 6. Assessment in Radiology

    Tags: radiology, assessment

    Chris describes how the students are assessed in radiology by the entire team they work with

  • 5. Student daily activities in Radiology

    Tags: radiology, case presentation

    Chris describes the daily acitivities in radiology and what the students will gain from this, describing how the students will present cases

  • 4. Working independently in Radiology

    Tags: radiology, independently

    Chris describes how the students will interpret images independently in radiology

  • 2. Expectations of the students on Radiology

    Tags: radiology, participation, expectations

    Chris describes how he expects the students to participate and be actively involved in the rotation

  • 1. Introduction and role on the rotation

    Tags: Role, radiology

    Chris introduces himself and his role on radiology