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  • 10. Surgery in the Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital Part III

    Tags: preparation, surgery, Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital

    Nicky shows the preparatory room in more detail, she talks about drawing the drugs up for anaesthesia and how the patient will then be brought into one of the theatres. She mentions that it is a good idea to prepare for the surgery by thinking about why you are undertaking this surgery. She mentions that it is a good idea to read up on anatomy and be able to talk through the procedure with the clinician.

  • 3. Preparing for the nursing placement in the Queen Mother Hospital

    Tags: preparation, veterinary nurse

    Elise talks about preparing for the placement and what equipment you can bring with you.

  • 03. Preparation before rotations

    Tags: preparation, equipment

    Nicky mentions talking to peers who have been on the rotation before to discuss what to bring with you and to read up on common conditions to prepare.

  • 1. Introduction and how she felt before clinical rotations

    Tags: preparation

    Marieke introduces herself and talks about how she felt before the clinical rotations began, she mentions the importance of preparation.

  • 09. How to prepare for clinical rotations

    Tags: preparation

    Laura talks about preparing for clinical rotations, by reading up on cases.

  • 5. How the students can prepare for the rotation

    Tags: preparation, soft tissue

    Michelle describes about preparing before going onto rotations

  • 6. How to prepare for Emergency Medicine

    Tags: preparation, emergency medicine

    Michelle describes how the students should prepare for emergency medicine