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  • 03. Consultation in Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital

    Tags: history taking, physical examination, consultation, Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital

    Nicky shows where the consultation rooms are in the Beaumont and mentions about making sure the room is clean before you take a client and patient in. She mentions how the process of a consultation works in the Beaumont; taking a history, performing a physical examination and relaying all this information back to the clinician. She mentions about the shorter consultation times in Beaumont.

  • 5. Small animal consultation in the Queen Mother Hospital: Part V Clinician undertaking history and physical examination

    Tags: history taking, physical examination, consultation, Queen Mother Hospital

    This clip shows the clinician supporting Marieke by asking further questions to find out more about the patients history and undertaking a physical examination.

  • 2. Small animal consultation in Queen Mother Hospital: Part II Marieke taking a history

    Tags: history taking, consultation, Queen Mother Hospital

    These clips show Marieke taking a history from the client. The first clip is a summary of the history taking and the second clip is the full four minute version.

  • 2. Equine consultation in referral hospital: History taking

    Tags: history taking, consultation

    The first clip summarises the consultation with Alexis and Linda undertaking a history with a client. The second clip is the full clip which lasts 11 minutes.

  • 2. Farm consultation: Part I History of patient

    Tags: history taking, consultation, farm teaching

    The clinician is discussing the history of the patient with the student and then suggests that the student undertake a physical examination