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  • 8. Farm teaching: Part II Using the Haptic cow

    Tags: haptic cow, farm teaching

    This clip briefly shows a student using the Haptic cow.

  • 7. Farm Teaching: Part I Haptic cow introduction

    Tags: haptic cow, farm teaching

    This clip briefly introduces the haptic cow practical. This practical will allow students to practice and improve skills in diagnosing pregnancy using simulations that represent cows that are 7 - 9 weeks in-calf.

  • 6. Farm teaching: Bovine rectal practical

    Tags: rectal practical, farm teaching

    This clip briefly shows one part of farm teaching on the farm animal and camelid rotation. Students undertake a bovine rectal practical to help prepare them for performing a rectal examinations in practice.

  • 5. Farm consultation: Part IV Clinician describes the merits of a good physical examination

    Tags: physical examination, farm teaching

    The clinician talks about the merits of a good physical examination in a consultation.

  • 4. Farm consultation: Part III Zoe relays findings to clinician

    Tags: treatment, feedback, diagnosis, consultation, farm teaching

    Zoe relays the findings of the physical examination to the clinican, brief discussion beginning on potential diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • 2. Farm consultation: Part I History of patient

    Tags: history taking, consultation, farm teaching

    The clinician is discussing the history of the patient with the student and then suggests that the student undertake a physical examination

  • 1. Introduction from final year student and description of Farm animal

    Tags: farm animal, dress code, equipment, farm teaching

    Zoe introduces herself and talks about what to wear and what equipment to bring with you on the farm animal rotation.