Contents tagged with assessment

  • 7. Assessment on farm animal

    Tags: feedback, farm animal, assessment

    Paul mentions feedback and asking everyone who works with the students their opinion before finalising a grade.

  • 8. Assessment on orthopaedics

    Tags: orthopaedics, assessment

    Matthew describes the threee different criteria used to assess students on orthopaedics

  • 6. Assessment in Radiology

    Tags: radiology, assessment

    Chris describes how the students are assessed in radiology by the entire team they work with

  • 7. Assessment in anaesthesia

    Tags: assessment, anaesthesia

    Chris describes how the staff assess students on anaesthesia

  • 6. Assessment on equine medicine

    Tags: assessment, equine medicine

    Imogen describes how the students are assessed on equine medicine

  • 8. Assessment on equine surgery

    Tags: assessment, equine surgery

    Tom describes how the students are assessed but stresses the importance of enthusiasm and participation

  • 6. Assessment on equine diagnostic imaging

    Tags: assessment, Equine diagnostic imaging

    Renate describes about assessment and informal and formal feedback on equine diagnostic imaging