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  • 14. Anaesthesia and Surgery in the Queen Mother Hospital

    Tags: Queen Mother Hospital, anaesthesia, surgery

    Alexis and Linda in the Queen Mother Hospital mentioning where you can go, should you need to speak to a clinician while they are in surgery and how to book an anaesthesia for a patient.

  • 08. Surgery in the Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital Part I

    Tags: surgery, anaesthesia, dogs trust, Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital

    Nicky is dressed appropiately for surgery and shows where the preparatory room, imaging room and routine neutering theatre are. She mentions about her expereinces on theatre and explains what you are able to do.

  • 7. Assessment in anaesthesia

    Tags: assessment, anaesthesia

    Chris describes how the staff assess students on anaesthesia

  • 6. What do the students gain from being on anaesthesia

    Tags: skills, anaesthesia

    Chris encourages students to let staff members know what they would like to do on anaesthesia

  • 5. Teamwork on Anaesthesia

    Tags: teamwork, anaesthesia

    Chris describes why it is so important to work as a team on anaesthesia

  • 4. Working with staff on anaesthesia

    Tags: anaesthesia, working with staff

    Chris describes who the students will be working with on anaesthesia

  • 2. Expectations of the students on anaesthesia

    Tags: expectations, anaesthesia

    Chris describes what he expects from the students while they are on anaesthesia

  • 1. Introduction and role on anaesthesia

    Tags: Role, anaesthesia

    Chris introduces himself and his role on anaesthesia