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  • 05. Alexis and Linda write up the SOAP afer physical examination of patient

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    Alexis and Linda have finished their physical examination on the patient and explain what to write in the SOAP, they show a previously written SOAP for the patient explaining that you need to cover all of the systems and why the patient was brought in. They also mention that the intern marked certain parts of the sheet which they may require more detail on.

  • 03. Alexis and Linda introduce the patients and verbal explanation of what you check in your physical examination of the patient

    Tags: equine referral hospital, SOAP, physical examination

    Alexis and Linda explain why the patient has been admitted and what tasks the students have to undertake when the patient is their responsibility. They explain what you should check in your physical examination of the patient and to tailor the SOAP to the ailment which the patient has come in with.

  • 02. Alexis and Linda explain they are going to examine a patient

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    Alexis and Linda explain that they will be examining an in-patient. They explain that you need to have a look at the patients file and get a new SOAPs sheet to undertake a physical examination on the patient. They explain that they will be taking the patients temperature, pulse and respiratory rate (TPR).

  • 13. Paperwork in the Equine referral hosptial

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    Nicky describes paperwork in the Equine referral hospital: Subjective Objective Assessment Plan (SOAP)

  • 10. Paperwork and Subjective Objective Assessment Plan (SOAP)

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    Laura talks about filling out paperwork-SOAPS on Equine